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At the Movement and Wellbeing Clinic in Manchester, we have carefully selected a variety of treatments, so you can create your individual healthcare experience. We believe that offering a variety of services rather than just osteopathy, physiotherapy or chiropractic can result in regaining your health back in less time. All services are grounded in scientific evidence and have been shown to have a beneficial effect in areas you require. We offer: Osteopathic manipulation and mobilisation Exercise and rehabilitation advice Mindfulness Sports massage / Sports taping Reiki Lorisian food intolerance testing Ed Madeley is the principal osteopathic physician at the clinic. We are dedicated to bringing the best service to you, the patient, as back and joint pain can be an overwhelming experience. Choosing osteopathic treatment for such ailments can bring lots of benefits, not only to alleviate the pain but also to optimise and prevent further issues in the future. MOVEMENT AND WELLBEING CLINIC Call us on 0161 209 3980

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