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09/12/2013 00:36
Consumer Tips For Getting The Best Deals on Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping used to be quite a simple thing back in the pre-internet days – you'd head out, quite often on a late night shopping night, trawl the high street for gifts, listen to some carol singers, look at the lights, and then go home and wrap what you'd bought. It could be stressful and busy, and you may not get exactly what you wanted, but it was relatively straightforward because there wasn't that much choice, and you only had to worry that you might get a better deal on that must have item in one or two other local shops, rather than thousands of online retailers!

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Bill Plant Driving School Derby

21, Station Street, Ilkeston Junction Place Market

Derby Road


09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Step Change Media

The Gate, Keppoch Street 1



Churchill House Church Street


Recently added reviews

  • 12345

    24/06/2016 18:08    Lanehouse Fish Bar

    Avoid serve raw chips and when asked cook bit longer refused disgraceful

  • Cico

    23/06/2016 15:45    Costa Coffee

    Hi, i can onli to sey that i have a big respect for Simona ! And it 's very nice !

  • Kay

    23/06/2016 14:34    Samantha Norman Wedding Make up and Hair

    With three months to go I had left it fairly late to book a hair and make up stylist for my wedding, so I was relieved to find that Sam was available. I messaged her with a date and she said if I could pop a £95 deposit in to her account she will hold the date and then we'll talk trials. She said she had problems with her emails. It was 2 weeks before I heard from her again and I was growing cautious. We finally booked a trial for a month before the wedding but I was hoping to do it sooner as I had a feeling even then that she wasn't too reliable, but I'd already paid my £95 deposit. I text Sam and asked if there's any chance she's free on the following Monday. She said yes and suggested 10am. By 10:15am Monday morning, after calling and texting with no reply, I finally receive a text from Sam saying she's busy, she doesn't remember agreeing to that time (I have a text from her, in her own words, suggesting 10am on Monday). I asked for a refund as I no longer trusted her, who's to say she wouldn't do this on my wedding day? She agreed to refund me. It's been almost 4 weeks and I still haven't been refunded. I text her a few times a week. She texts back all the time, always with a different excuse: her accountant manages the refunds. She's been away. She says "it'll be with you this weekend" and "it'll be in your account by midnight" but, of course, it never is. I still don't have the £95 she owes me for not showing up to my trial. I'm still suspicious she's a con artist and doesn't actually know a thing about hair and make up. The alternative is she's an extremely unprofessional woman who has no idea how to run a business. Either way, I would hate for other brides-to-be to be let down as I have and I hope she never has the chance to rip anyone else off, avoid at all costs!!

  • Sarah

    22/06/2016 21:02    Angela's Nails

    Really bad service, rude staff.


    22/06/2016 14:35    ILL DEANO BODY PIERCING

    My advert is for selling body piercing jewellery not to do piercings!!!!

  • Maria Granelli

    22/06/2016 12:55    Superdrug

    The store is great and the staff helpful and efficient. However the threading service is not to be recommended. The threading therapists work very quickly, do not have enough light to check that all the hair has been removed, one therapist just breaks the hair off at the roots. Then the client is handed a mirror that is so de-magnifying that one cannot see the area that has been threaded with any clarity. When one gets home, and checks the area, lots of hair is still present I have b. een there on a number of occasions and have finally decided to look elsewhere . I am very disappointed.

  • Charlotte

    21/06/2016 14:53    Ocean Blue

    Since the new management has taken over, the quality of the food has risen dramatically. Highly recommended

  • Hilal

    21/06/2016 12:53    The Algarve Freight Centre

    Best transport and removal company in Essex. I used this company services and saved around £90. I will definitely use the Algarve Freight center.

  • mytribe

    20/06/2016 19:12    Carols Chippy

    fantastic chippy, great prices, but you need to update opening hours, as shut on sunday by 9pm ,